Ulul Albab: Istilah Qurani yang Terabaikan

Akal adalah salah satu kelengkapan rohaniah terbesar bagi manusia. Akal penting untuk menafsirkan suatu ajaran agama tetapi tidak memadai. Argumennya, sebagian ajaran agama bersifat supra-rasional (bukan irasional) sehingga untuk menangkap pesan moralnya dibutuhkan selain  kemampuan berfikir akliah tetapi juga kemampuan berzikir qolbiah. Istilah Ulul-Albab dalam Al-Qur’an mengacu pada orang yang memiliki dua jenis kemampuan ini.

Istilah Ulul-Albab banyak ditemukan dalam teks Suci ini sehingga pasti bermakna penting. Sayangnya, fakta tekstual ini terkesan kurang mendapat perhatian dari para ulama-cendikia kita. Tulisan INI dimaksudkan sebagai undangan untuk mendalami hal ini.

Published by

Uzair Suhaimi

Statistics and religion. This is perhaps an unusual combination for many. The first is dealing with the empirical world, the second with that beyond that world. However, that is my reflection regarding myself. As a statistician, I spent 30 years (1981-2011) serving BPS-Statistics Indonesia. After that my professional services were dedicated to TNP2K office (an office under the vice president office) for a few months and to ILO-ROAP as a senior statistician for half a year. Since 2012 most of my time is dedicated as an independent consultant on statistics-related work, mostly for ILO and on some occasions for some government offices Indonesia. My recent work (2019) was on estimating child labour in Indonesia for ILO Country Office Jakarta. As for personal interest, since young, I've been fascinated with the basic principles of religious thought, especially on its esoteric dimensions, essentiality, and universality. Sufism and perennial philosophy are of my special interest. On this subject, I have posted a number of short articles in my personal blog: https://uzairsuhaimi.blog.

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