Ten Manifesto of Consciousness

1) 1) My consciousness shows that intelligence is nothing unless it is able to distinguish the Absolute or the Real or the Atma or the One, with others being relative, illusory or virtual.[1].

2) My conscience shows  the will is meaningless unless it is connected or assimilated with the One.

3) My consciousness shows the quality of soul is determined by that relationship or assimilation.

4) My consciousness says other than the Absolute can exist or not exist; if it exists then: (a) its reality can only be understood as relative to the Absolute; and (b) its existence is evidence of and subject to the law homogeneity which refers to the One[2].

5) My conscience shows supra-rational intelligence is more powerful than rational mind.

6) My consciousness shows the he innate intelligence supra-rationality capable of reaching the infinite, one aspect of the One.

7) My consciousness shows that my will is never satisfied except by the One, the Infinite.

8) My conscience wants me to be grateful if the One is emitting light so that I avoid corrupt illusions; the illusion that my intelligence is only for the relative, and my will is only for the virtual.

9) My conscience demands that I be grateful if the One is pleased to radiate the light of eternal virtue: a virtue that is timeless and universal; namely, the virtues underlying the principles of doctrines, symbols, sacred arts, and spiritual practices of all world religions.

10) My consciousness shows that the One and Only One is Absolute; the other, including the universe, the imaginary realm, the concept or my contemplative shadow of the One, all relative …..@

Source: Adapted from various books and writings by Frithof Schuon.

[1] See also QS (114:1-4); i.e., Al-Quran Surah 114 dang verses 1-4.

[2] See also QS (3:190-194).

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