Arithmetical Code: A Brief Note

Key Words : Rasyad’s Tragedy, The Mystery of Basmalah, Al-Jalal atribute, Covid-19: why 2019?

There number 19 is a mystery. What we mean by mystery here is not something incomprehensible in principle, but to use Schuon’s perspective, the essence of truth which cannot be adequately conveyed through language: “Mystery is as it were the inner infinity of certitude, the latter could never exhaust the former”[1].  Edip Yuskel (2019), in his article ‘The Code of 19 Prophecies’, calls the number 19 is a mathematical code. Nonetheless, without diminishing respect for him, one might prefer to call it an arithmetic code to refer to the same number. The reason is that here we are dealing with numbers outside of time and space and therefore with regard to arithmetic. As for mathematics, following Dr. Waleed El-Ansary, its scope includes numbers in space (geometry), numbers in time (music) and numbers in space and time (astronomy).

Rasyad’s Tragedy

Regardless of how the number 19 is named, with the article just mentioned, Yuskel deserves high praise for unraveling some of the mysteries associated with the number 19. From this article we understand two major points which are worth noting:

  1. The mathematical code was found by Dr. Rayad Khalifa in 1974 and it refers the 74th chapter of Al-Quran, Surah al-Muddatsir, the 30th verse to be precise or in short (QS 74:30). What is amazing here is that 1974 is exactly 74 x 19 (= 1406) of lunar years after the verse was revealed to the Prophet PBUH. One might think of this as a random occurrence. 
  2. Dr. Rasyad Khalifa was assassinated in January 31, 1990 in Tuscon Mosque (Arizona). The following are some simple facts associated with the tragedy:
    • Zone code of Tuscon Mosque: 19,
    • Code of Tuscon City 57 (= 3 x 19), 
    • Parcel No. of the area: 114 (= 6 x 19)
    • Building year of the Mosque: 1919
    • One of the murders of Rasyad, Glen Francis, was arrested 19 years later after the assassination.

In addition, addition, according to Yuskel, the discovery of the arithmetical code by Rasyad was in 1974. What is amazing here is that 1974 is exactly 74 x 19 (= 1406) of lunar years after the verse was revealed to the Prophet PBUH.

The above facts show that the Factor 19 plays a kind of ‘arithmetic game’ in a mysterious way, ‘more than interesting’ in Yuskel’s words. The question is whether these numbers represent random occurrences or not. If the answer is “not,” the logical conclusion is that there is an invisible entity intervened in the tragedy.

The Mystery of Basmalah

The term basmalah refers to the first verse in the first chapter of the Koran; namely ‘bismi allah al-rahman al-rahiem’. The number of occurrences of the last three words (Arabic: kalimah) in al-Quran mysteriously represents the number associated with the number 19:

  • Allah. No. of occurrences: 2,698 (= 19 x 152);
  • Al-Rahman. No. of occurrences: 57 (= 19 x 3)
  • Al-Rahim. No. of occurrences: 114 (= 19 x 6)

Just to note, 114 is also representing the number of chapters in al-Quran.

Al-Jalal atribute

Associating the number 19 with basmalah it may be tempting to conclude that the number 19 has something to do only with the compassionate nature of God Almighty, or in more general terms, with His Beautiful Divinity (Arabic: Jamal). As will be explained in a moment, this is a false conclusion.

As Rashad identified decades ago, the number 19 is explicitly mentioned in the Koran; To be precise, in verse 31 of chapter 74. (Just to reiterate, the invention of the arithmetic code occurred in 1974.) There are at least two points related to the verse that are worth remembering. First, the number of 19 is meant by God Almighty to express His multiple divine intentions[2] to:

  • ‘be a stumbling-block for those who disbelieve’,
  • ‘that those to whom the Scripture hath been given may have certainty’,
  • ‘that the believers may increase in faith’,
  • ‘that to those whom the Scripture hath been given and believers may not doubt’, and
  • ‘that those in whose hearts disease and disbeliever may say: ‘What meaneth Allah by this similitude’’.

Second, the number 19 refers to the number of Angels guarding Hell called Saqar, the Burning Hell, as identified by verses 26 and 27 of the same chapter. This point is more likely to refer to His Majesty (Arabic: al-Jalal), the complement to His Beauty (Arabic: al-Jamal). God Almighty knows better!

Covid-19: why 2019?

Since the beginning of 2020, humanity globally has suffered and is still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and its various negative consequences. In this context, the following questions seem valid:

Why is it called Covid-19? Because it is known that it started to spread since 2019? But why that year? What’s so special about that year? Why didn’t it happen before or after the year?

The WHO team is currently on a mission to identify the origin of the pandemic. Perhaps wondering to find out if such a well-known team was able to answer such a question or not.

Is a pandemic a manifestation of God’s will? This may be a controversial issue. Whatever the case, the following Quranic verse seems worthy of contemplation:

Naught of disaster befalleth in the earth or in yourselves but it is a Book before we bring it into being—Lo! That is easy for Allah (QS 57:22)[3].

Wallahu ‘alam… @

[1] Frithjof Schuon (1998: 5), Understanding Islam, World Wisdom.

[2] English translation by Pickthal.

[3] As note 1.